Long-lasting results

Each patient will be thoroughly assessed and provided with a straightforward and evidence based explanation of their diagnosis and proposed treatment. Treatment will commence on the first assessment and a timeframe for recovery will be provided.

Under the guidance of experienced physiotherapist Paul Flynn MSc, MCSP, Dip Inj Ther., Spinal Spec, The Physio Clinic redefines how treatment is provided in the private sector and is fast becoming the leading centre for spinal physiotherapy and advice in Northern Ireland.

The McKenzie Method

Mission Statement

To provide a world class environment, using only evidence based treatments that provide quick and long lasting results

Clinics in Ards and Ballymena

Empower your recovery

We use an approach that’s trusted and used by clinicians and patients all over the world to give long-lasting results for common back and neck problems called the McKenzie Method.

It promotes your potential to self-manage with less or no medication and without surgery or other procedures such as heat, ice or ultrasound.

It addresses a growing demand from patients and third-party payers for professional rehabilitation services that develop your self-treatment skills in a cost-effective and time-effective way.

You’ll get straightforward and thoroughly explained treatment and you will know your expected time of recovery.


About Paul Flynn

Paul’s approach allows you to optimise your rehabilitation and return to sport and regular daily activities in a time-effective manner without the need for multiple and repetitive treatment sessions.

Paul gained extensive experience within the outpatient field during his five years in the Centre of Clinical Excellence at Kings Cross Physiotherapy in Dundee. Here he gained his appreciation for the use of medical evidence to guide the assessment and treatment of a patient. Paul completed multiple additional qualifications in order to enhance his standard of practice, particularly in the area of spinal physiotherapy.

Paul believes physiotherapy should not be a long, drawn out and expensive process. An experienced physiotherapist should be able to provide an accurate timeline of recovery and be able to explain the entire process to you. Treatments used should not simply follow trends or fashions. They should be based on what is most effective for you. The Physio Clinic redefines how treatment is provided in the private sector and is fast becoming the leading centre for spinal physiotherapy and advice in Northern Ireland.

What our patients say


July 2020

I can run again!! Having suffered with back pain for a little over 5 years, seen various different physios and chiropractors with only short term relief. A friend recommended I try the physio clinic and I’m so glad I did! Within 3 sessions I was back running and in the gym with no pain. Amazing after 5 years of suffering pain for days after just a 5km run. But most importantly, I now understand my back pain, and how to prevent reoccurrence, I’m absolutely delighted!. Thanks Paul – wish I had come across you 5 years ago!


January 2019

Excellent Physiotherapist! I recently was treated for a back and leg problem by Paul at his clinic. After a thorough initial consultation to pinpoint my problem the treatment began. Despite having problems with my back for about 4 months I felt better after the first treatment and with two more sessions the problem was solved. I only have to make sure to keep reasonably active. Paul’s treatment has allowed me to return to the gym which I couldn’t have considered before. Apart from his excellent professional treatment Paul is a really nice guy too and I would recommend him to anyone


December 2019

I can highly recommended Paul, his honesty, knowledge and professionalism are second to none. Initially I walked in off the street with a bad case of sciatica, he sat me down and explained it wouldn’t be beneficial to treat until I had medicines to relax the muscles in my spine.”It would be waste of money”. Now under his treatment ‘the McKenzie Method’ which appears to be an active regime to get me back to full fitness quicker, whereas NHS and other physios just want just want to massage and hope over time the symptoms disappear.


March 2019

Having had a bad car accident several years ago,I’d always thought niggling back pain was just something I had to learn to live with. But after a particularly bad flare up with painful spasms,I booked an appointment with Paul.I had 3 appointments over 2 weeks and a month later I am more active than ever and still totally pain free.Unheard of for me!His approach to treating back pain was quite different to other physio’s I’ve seen over the years,but on hearing what he had to say,I could see how it could work.Now I can honestly say I haven’t felt this good for almost ten years.Paul was very professional but also great craic and I felt very at ease during appointments. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and I’m so grateful for my new lease of life!

Visiting the clinic

As this is a close contact environment where social distancing between patient and practitioner is not possible, current guidelines may not fall in line with government guidelines. These alterations are designed solely for the safety of both patients and staff. Prior to your visit to The Physio Clinic,  we would ask you read through our guidelines and adhere to the changes noted. Your compliance is very much appreciated.

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