Paul Flynn

MSc, MCSP, Dip Inj Ther., Spinal Spec

Paul’s approach allows you to optimise your rehabilitation and return to sport and regular daily activities in a time-effective manner without the need for multiple and repetitive treatment sessions.

Paul gained extensive experience within the outpatient field during his five years in the Centre of Clinical Excellence at Kings Cross Physiotherapy in Dundee. Here he gained his appreciation for the use of medical evidence to guide the assessment and treatment of a patient. Paul completed multiple additional qualifications in order to enhance his standard of practice, particularly in the area of spinal physiotherapy.

Paul believes physiotherapy should not be a long, drawn out and expensive process. An experienced physiotherapist should be able to provide an accurate timeline of recovery and be able to explain the entire process to you. Treatments used should not simply follow trends or fashions. They should be based on what is most effective for you. The Physio Clinic redefines how treatment is provided in the private sector and is fast becoming the leading centre for spinal physiotherapy and advice in Northern Ireland.

Paul believes that patients must be fully involved in the treatment process and that their goals and aims, whether sports or otherwise, must be taken into account. Straightforward and thoroughly explained treatments are at the centre of what Paul tries to achieve and you will leave fully understanding the nature of your problem, the proposed treatment plan and your expected time of recovery.

By providing both manual and exercise based therapy Paul enables clients to optimise their rehabilitation and allow return to sport and regular daily activities in a time-effective manner without the need for multiple and repetitive treatment sessions.

Paul’s undergraduate degree in Sports Science and Health adds a different dimension to his treatments with his extensive experience in Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics and Sports Nutrition and this allows him to offer additional advice on sports specific recovery methods and adjuncts to an athletes training regime to boost performance. He also specialises in workstation assessments for office based employees with issues related to their desk setup.

Paul keeps up-to-date with research and the latest evidence for best practice, he strives to only provide treatments that are researched and proven to be effective and not waste a client’s time or money with over-the-top therapies. His core aims are to treat the problem and to prevent re-occurrence.


Diploma in Injection Therapy

Foundation M-Level Accredited Acupuncture Course for Pain Management

Credentialed in McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy

Orthopaedic Medicine Qualification in Peripheral Examination

Postgraduate Masters Module in Clinical Decision Making for the Musculoskeletal Therapist

DSE Assessor Foundation Qualification

Spinal Manipulation Certificate

Multiple Sports and Therapeutic Taping Courses