As this is a close contact environment where social distancing between patient and practitioner is not possible, current guidelines may not fall in line with government guidelines. These alterations are designed solely for the safety of both patients and staff. Prior to your visit to The Physio Clinic,  we would ask you read through the list below and adhere to the changes noted. Your compliance is very much appreciated.

    • If at any stage prior to your appointment, you develop symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, raised temperature, loss to smell or taste), you must notify The Physio Clinic immediately regarding your appointment and must not attend for your appointment unless cleared by a member of staff or PCR Test.
    • Please use hand sanitiser at all opportunities, using the multiple dispensers within the clinic. Sanitiser must be used at bottom of stairs on arrival and exit.
    • Please do not arrive for your appointment early or late. We are attempting to reduce patients overlapping in the reception area.
    • Attend alone if at all possible unless you are under the age of 18 where an adult must be present (all protocols remain the same for accompanying adult).
    • As of August 10th 2020, it is now mandatory to wear face masks in enclosed spaces unless there are medical or religious reasons not to do so or you are under the age of 13. While guidance may change for the general public, masks remain mandatory upon entering the front door of The Clinic and must be worn in reception area.
    • Your appointment will last between 30-40 minutes which will allow for cleaning and changing of PPE. 
    • All disinfection protocols will be strictly adhered to during and after each patient.
    • Please pay by credit or debit card where possible or by bank transfer prior to the appointment if possible, to avoid the use and transfer of cash.

Please note, we would kindly ask that everyone adheres to these guidelines to ensure your safety and that of staff. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Please email if you have any questions.